The twisted thoughts of me
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2004-01-27 14:08:19 (UTC)

Yippie Skippie no school!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm....had to babysit last night sucked horny bitch
ass....there is like this big ass window in my house and
its really scary!!! so then when my mom got home she was
all like we arent gonna have school 2 morrow and riana i
guess was in the other room and jumped out and said YIPPIE
SKIPPIE no school!!!!!!!! it was so so so so funny!!!!!
hahahahahaha so we dont have school 2day so what should i
do??? well my mom has to go to school to grade some
papers.GRRRRRRRRR i dont want to go!!!owell maybe sam ans i
will go to the mall...oh i hate life...i do i do i do!!i
really do...hmmmmmm i need a boyfriend...really really
bad....more so ..a life!

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