The Necronomicon
2004-01-27 12:31:56 (UTC)

FOOK there is so much about me and it all seems so boring

Have you/are you/do you....
Considered a life of crime? lmao. of course lol i gunna
hold everyone hostage and streal their left shoes!!! GRAND
Considered being a hooker? aye of course....lookin for a
good time? ;) lmfao FUCK NO!!
Considered being a pimp? lmao aye :p
Are you psycho? indeed lol
Split personalities? i spose so lol
Schizophrenic? oh yes...yes i am...
Obsessive? over billy and jonny santos...yes!!!
Obsessive compulsive? yeah its a spineshank song obsessive compulsive lol
Anxiety? sumtimes
Depressed? nope
Suicidal? have been. but no. lol.
Obsessed with hate? i HATE immaturity
Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? lol all
the time :)
Understanding: Yes mostly
Open-minded: Yes, very
Arrogant: Nope.
Insecure: A lot.
Interesting: I think so sometimes.
Hungry: surprised im fat when i hardly eat
Friendly: For the most part.
Smart: lol nt really
Moody: hmmm yeah.
Independent: Yes.
Hard working: when i have to
Organized: nope
Healthy: haha nope!!!
Shy: Sometimes
Attractive: ive came to the decision cute but im
chubby...and im tottally cool wit that but im not
attractive lol
Bored Easily: yeah...oooh look a fly
Thirsty: nope *opens another can of red bull*
Talkative: Sometimes i never shut up lol
Different: in a sense
Unique: yeah i spose....wuc i spose everyone has their own
Lonely: often :(
Floss daily? Nope, do people over here floss? good
question Own a webcam? Nope
Ever get off the damn computer? Nope

Hablas espanol? er...what?