The Necronomicon
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2004-01-27 12:30:47 (UTC)

and some more

do you believe in...
[[ god/devil ]] - Nope...but i believe theres something
that created us...but i cant see how some people can
organise it into a religion...u dont organise that shit!
[[ yourself ]] - Close to never
[[ your friends ]] - yep...but i wouldent trust any of them
with my life...cept maybe kat
[[ aliens ]] - no...and i don't want to believe
[[ love ]] - love is a word or an "emotion" created by the
media...that is all...though i do believe in having very
strong feeling about someone
[[ the closet monster ]] - fuckin hell of corse big scary
[[ one person for everyone ]] - no

what are you...
[[ doing ]] - wasting time typing this st00pit quiz
[[ wearing ]] - nuthing
[[ listening to ]] - Machine Head -Descend The Shades Of
[[ thinking ]] - about people
[[ smelling ]] - erm...oxygen? sos i can breathe?
[[ drinking ]] - vodka and red bull :D

Who was the last person...
You touched? - wee neddy lynsey i gave hr a hug before she
left my house
You talked to? my friend marc from montreal
You hugged? em...lynsey...i wish it was andy billy or
jordan tho lol

You instant messaged? um...marc
You kissed? hmm....did i kiss kat 2day? i cant
remember...if not billy on saturday You yelled at?
My brother for skooshing oil paints all over my room :|
You laughed with? lynsey...we were eating icing sugar :D

Current Clothes: See above ^^^
Current Mood: bored
Current Taste: red bull....caffiene...CAFFIENE!!!
Current Hair: bunchies as always lol
Current Annoyance: bloody cars outisde
Current Smell: my room filling with the sweet aroma of red
Current thing you ought to be doing: going outside for the
pure hell of it
Current Desktop Picture: Spineshank...SDP..jonny is HOT!!!
Current Favorite Band(s): SPINESHANK!!! chimaira, violent
work of art ill nino, machine head, lacuna coil, jack off
jill, adema, AFI, american head charge, simon says fear
factory and of course linkin park...shoosh if u dnt like
them lol
Current Book: Heavier Than Heaven, kurt cobain thingy
Current DVD In Player: Red Dwarf lol...stroke of pure
Current Favorite Celebrity: JONNY SANTOS!!! or maybe rob
garcia lol

Food: Pasta :)
Drink: Anything with caffiene
Color/Shade: Black, Purples & PINK!!!
Shoes: new rocks...they so pretti!
Candy: anything of the gummi variety!!!
Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas or The Lion King
Fruit: pineapple :)

On preferences...
Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? bull
Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? I spose they
the same thing really...perfect friend would love you :)
Sweet or sour? cloud...:S
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? Dr.Pepper
Sappy/action/comedy/horror? Horror!!!
With or without ice-cubes? ice :)
Shine or rain? Pref...overcast dry and quite dark but not
rainy...preferably cold too lol
Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring? Fall & Spring & Winter lol i
fucking hate summer!!!
Vanilla or Chocolate? red bull
Eyes open or closed? i need my eyes open to see dumbass!
Fly or breathe under water?
Bunk-bed or waterbed? MY bed...big soft metallic chrome
fucker hehe
Chewing gum or hard candy? mneh whatever
Motor boat or sailboat? Motor
Lights on or off? Off..the dark is good :)
Chicken or fish? Chicken

What's your favorite:
Number? em...666....cus charlie ate page 666 of the bible
and choked ot it lmao!!! good times lol...
Holiday? christmas...everyone so happi
Place? my bed
Flower? Roses
If you could be anywhere, where would you be? - id be at
billys house hehe ;)
What would you be doing? getting drunk? yeah drunk is
good...and wouldnt you like to know what we get upto lmao?
What are you listening to? when i am queen by joj
Can you do anything freakish with your body? blah a couple
of things but they not v interesting
Do you have a favorite animal? hamsters :)