The Necronomicon
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2004-01-27 12:28:15 (UTC)

a little bit more

do you...
[[ color your hair? ]] - Every week...i usually dye my hair
to suit what im wearing lol
[[ have tattoos? ]] - yeah tribal
[[ have piercing? ]] - ears and i had my nose pierced till
roadrage happened :|*sobsob* and tounge
[[ stolen anything? ]] - to much to say
[[ smoke? ]] - yes
[[ pot? ]] - of course
[[ crack? ]] - no hard drugs for me thanks :)
[[ been married? ]] - many times i have lost count
[[ been divorced? ]] - lol i want a divorce from ashley! lol

have you ever...
[[ been in love ]] - i think i have which is a scary
[[ kept a secret from everyone ]] - yep im gud at keepin
[[ had an imaginary friend ]] - Yep...cant quite remember
her name but she didnt like ice cream she was a freak
[[ called or seen a psychic ]] - nup...i do believe in that
stuff tho
[[ ever cried at a chick flick ]] - hmm...i cried at
titanic till that guy fell n hit the propellor then i was
pissin mahself!!!
[[ had a crush on a teacher ]] - ohi should hopenot!!!
[[ found a cartoon character attractive ]] - the cartoon
version of jonny santos lol
[[ ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the block tape ]] -
FUCK NO no no and the f00k?
[[ watched Punky Brewster ]] - No...whats that?
[[ prank called someone ]] - Yeah...ive grown out of it lol
[[ eaten a whole box of cookies and thought you were fat
after that ]] - don't eat cookies...but i did that once
with a pack of haribo gummi bears...then i realised mah pal
ate like...5 bags so i felt ok after that lol
[[ been on stage ]] - yep...i am secretly hoping to form a
band and tour with anyone need
member of sorts?
[[ gotten in a car accident ]] - 6 not fun 3 of which were
joy riding

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