the adventures of saz
2004-01-27 10:45:36 (UTC)


its 10 31 and im stuck at home doin jack shit lol!
Im home with a cold and a bad thoat lisening to the dirty
dancing soundtrack!Anyway i was feeling better untill my
mum made me these cheese and marmite sandwiches.
Last night i was asked out by Chris Dobson i mean i went
out with him in year 6 and he was going out with 2 other
girls! but weve had a chat bout that and he sed he would
neva do it again because he onli just foung out his dad has
been having an afair for years, so he simply sed he would
neva do anything like that again but he is a gemini which
is the most unfaithful starsigh.So i simply dont know what
to believe but you no im going to give it a go, what have i
got to loose?
ive just fed coco (my dog) the rest of those skank
sandwichs lol.Now i do feel better. lol.
Last sunday mum took me shopping for my birthday and she
brought me 7 cds 6 of which beening red hot chilli peppers
(my fav band)she got me the dirty dancing soundtrack,red
hot chilli peppers: mothers milk, freeky styley, by the
way, blood sugar sex magik, one hot minute and
californication! lol Its just how do i decide which 1 to
lisen to?
OK now i think im going to look up red hot chillis on the

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