DiNaH says...
2004-01-27 10:37:18 (UTC)


there's this inside me that i cannot figure out what to do
with. i've been consulting friends, and even the pastor's
wife in our church, but to avail. i mean, yes, i'm greatful
for their encouraging words and all, but still i don't feel
any better.

my nights are becoming hopeless and sleepless. my days are
empty. i'm depressed again! i don't wanna be like this. i
hate to be like this!

I hate it when i'm right about things that will only cause
pain and trouble. i hate it when my instinct is too strong
to detect abnormalities around me.

i wish it didn't happen. i wish i could just forget it ever
happened. i wish i could kill the monster in my closet. i
wish it ends now.

i'm getting tired of all these nightmares and sanity
sucking memories of the past. i want to retire from all of
the things that's been occupying my mind for years now.

God help this poor soul!