Cruel Intentions
2004-01-27 06:59:49 (UTC)

back again

so its January of 2004... it's been awhile.

the things we use to do... the games we use to play.. the
people we use to hurt... thinking back on it

we were fuckin genuisis *L*

reading all these entries has gotten my mind going.

Now that you dont have a computer and you havea crazy bf,
it kinda sucks. I wanna play Niki.. I mean really play
this time... no slacking off... I have no commitments, no
gf's... just time, to fuck with people.

We really are soul mates. wether you believe it or not,
just read these diary entries... it'll come to you sooner
or later.

~sad look~ i wanna play niki.... will you come out n play
with me?