pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2004-01-27 05:34:16 (UTC)

how will it be?

it kind of made me question
will i ever have that happiness?
or will the image i have of myself come true?
she comes home to a modern yet comfortable home.
her dogs awaiting her, she places her keys on the table by
the door, takes her coat off and hangs it in the closet.
walks up stairs to her room, where everything is neatly
cluttered and places her shoes in their awaited location.
striping off her clothes and piling them in two. one that
will go to the hamper, the other that is still clean and
can be worn once aagin...changing into her very loose,
almost too big pj's...she comfortably struts downstairs to
where the Tv is at...powers on the television with a
remote, and changes the channel as she walks to the
kitchen to find something not too heavy but yummy to snack
but notice, it is only her and her dogs. she's not
anxiously awaiting someones phone call, nor is she waiting
for a specific time to give a special someone a call. she
didn't come home to shower and change into her lovly
evening "i'm going out with a cute guy tonite" clothes. no.
she comes home from a long but slightly enjoyable day of
work to the comfort of her home and the warmth of her
dogs. and that is it.