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2004-01-27 04:55:31 (UTC)

Hello, Welcome to my diary.

A little about me, I'm in a punk band(we play pop punk). I
enjoy sea fishing,surfing the web, Drinkin in the pubs in
my home town, with my mates.I go to college, and i study
Music Technology. I am hoping to go to university next year.

Well i say hoping- recently, over the past few months, i
have noticed strange things happening with me. It started
with my vision- when i looked at a green light, a traffic
light... i'm not some perplexed moron who enjoys staring at
green lights, i can see two. This comes and goes.I had a
two week period of insomnia, and i turned to drinking my
self to sleep. Also, I
can not move my little toes at times, and my legs feel
stiff.When i move my arms too much, they also go stiff. I
have just a few houres ago had dysphagia, my voice became
Garbled.I also get really tired alot. These arent good
signs. I really need to go for a scan or somthing. It could
be nothin, it could be bad. I have not
told ANYONE about this, I did go to the doctor when i first
noticed this stuff happening,. i just told him about me
being unable
to move my little toes. I have been avoiding going again to
the doctors although i have experienced more symptoms of ms.

My head is Fucked at the moment as you may well be able to
tell. It might be ms. It could be something alot worse. it
could be nothing. What ever it is . . i need to do somthing
about it. I have been drinking alot of alcahol of late.
I 've been every night for a month-or so.

Welcome to hell.