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2004-01-27 03:13:37 (UTC)


wahoo its monday what a crappy day of the week... who likes
mondays? i mean come on..... well anyways the day wasnt to
bad... but i wish i did better in practice today... we were
working on twist cradels from an extension... never really
my strongest point but i could do them... well today i
twisted all the way around just in a screwdiver type of way
which is straight up and down for those uncheerleader
termed lol well anyways then we worked on liberties and
shit well lets just say there was a reason y i chose my
left over my right but hey i got used to it after awhile...
out of like 20 trys i managed to stick 3... ok it was more
like 15 but still it seemed like a lot... however on my
last liberty i pulled a scorpion... it was so great.... but
i mean i shoulda done better.... however the basket tosses
didnt work out to well today either... ikk in my mind...
and neither did my part of the big A pyramid but i tryed we
were all tired and i felt so bad i kept hitting poor bo in
the head.... i feel bad i dont mean to hurt anyone but i
guess u have to expect that in cheering....
but then i went to umo to look up info for my speech which
was kinda hard... nothing interesting on the day i was
born.... besides the elephant that escaped and was eating
day old bread from a bakery but that was in germany but how
cool lol gotta love elephants.... well this was a boring
journal sry guys... but im out toodles

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