Psychology 1
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2004-01-26 23:46:50 (UTC)

Day 12: Experiences (6)

There has been another experience that has also effected
my views friendship. I believe it is something that
affects all people at one time or another. When I was in
the fifth grade my best friends moved to New York, which
felt like forevers away. It was so hard to be able to let
my best friend leave like that. It felt likemy heart had
been ripped out and something was missing. But it is true
what they say, "Time heals anything." And it was true,
even though I missed her dearly, as time went on I had
moved on from the pain. Although I would rather her be
down the street like she did in our childhood, I was soon
able to be able to handle the fact that she lived in
another state. I knew hat deep down this was what was best
for her and her family. They are much happier where they
are now and knowing that, I could have not asked for
anything more. I want nothing more for her and her family
then the best of luck and all the happiness in the world.
In six years, I realized how strong out friendship is
because we still talk all the time and continue to be the
best of friends. No distance was able to break that or
come between us because what we had was way too strong.
True friendship lasts forever and now I believe that more
than ever.

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