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2004-01-26 23:08:27 (UTC)

"Our Town" Act 2.5

You probably won't understand this unless you have read
the play "Our Town". This was an assignment for English and
we were supposed to make our own "lost scene" from the play
that should be somewhat controversial but still go along
with the play. Thanks to my group for helping out so much...

Our Town- Act 2.5

(Stage opens with Emily cooking breakfast in the kitchen.
The Stage Manager stands off to the side in his regular

Stage Manager: Lets look ahead a few years, now. When
young kids get married like this, I always like to know
how it's going to turn out. Young folks always seem to
think they know what's best for them, but those of us
who've been around a few more years know a little better
than that. So I'm always interested to see how these
marriages fare after a few years.
It's now 1912; 8 years after Emily Webb became Emily
Gibbs. Here she comes now, preparing breakfast for
herself and George like she's done for the past 2,922
days. Ain't never said a cross word about it, never
showed herself as anything but happy to do it. She has,
on the other hand, expressed a little bit of discontent.
About once a month, George goes off to a farmer's
conference and leaves Emily alone for longer than she

Emily: (Shouting) George, hurry up! Breakfast is almost
ready! If you don’t get down here soon, you might miss
your train!

George: (Dramatically reciting a speech) My fellow farmers
of America, four score and seventeen years ago, our
forefathers brought upon this land… me, to make a newly
engineered hoe…

Emily: (Frowning) George, shut up, sit down and eat!

(They both sit and begin to eat. The Stage Manager steps

Stage Manager: Seems to me it's about time for him to
leave for that convention again. Come to think of it... (A
train whistle is heard in the distance.) Yes, sir.
There's the 5:45 train, now.

Emily: George, that’s the train! Hurry or you’ll be late!
(Handing him his coat) Here, put on your coat, or you’ll
catch your death of cold.

George: (Grabs coat) Goodbye Emily! (Blows her a kiss as
he leaves)

(Emily begins to clean up, hurrying around. Howie enters.)

Stage Manager: (Looking back at Howie.) Here comes Howie
Newsome on his daily route.

Emily: (Coming out to greet Howie.) Hello, Howie! (Taking
a milk bottle from Howie.)

Howie: Why, hello, Emily. (Leans against a wall.) Do you
think it's going to rain soon?

Emily: No, I don’t think so. Howie, would you like to come
in and have a bit to eat? (Emily goes back inside, Howie
following her. Emily sets a plate in front of Howie and
sits down.) George just left for one of his farming
conventions, and our son is at his grandparents’ house

Howie: So, you’re all alone? (Scoots closer to Emily.) It
must get a mighty bit lonesome, with George gone so much.
(Yawns, stretching, and puts an arm around Emily’s

Emily: Yes, it does get a bit lonely around here. (Pauses,
looking at Howie, and pulls away slightly.) What are you

(George is suddenly heard driving up.)

Howie: Emily, is that George?

Emily: (Looking out a window) Yes, he’s back, and he’s
coming in from the front! (Turing around quickly) Hurry,
we’ll hide upstairs! (They run off. George enters a few
seconds later, taking off his coat.)

George: Emily, I’m home! (Pauses for a reply.) Emily? Hmm…
maybe she went to check on our son. (Leaves the house
through the front. After he is gone, Emily & Howie enter
from upstairs. Emily pushes Howie out through the back.)

Stage Manager: Well, thank you very much, Emily. Now,
let's look a little bit farther into the future. About a
month, to be exact. Yes, one month has gone by and George
has attended three more of those farmer's conventions, and
the milk has been delivered a bit later three more times.
In all those weeks, George still doesn't realize anything
is wrong.

(Scene opens in the middle of the night. Emily and George
are asleep when Emily suddenly wakes and turns to George.)

Emily: George… George…

George: (sleepily) What?

Emily: (whining) George… I want pickles… and ice cream!

George: Emily… go back to sleep…

Emily: George! (Hits George.) George! Get up and get it
for me!

George: But they don’t have that flavor…

Emily: Of course they don’t, George! You have to make it
from scratch!

George: Huh? No way! (Pauses) You've been acting funny
lately like… like… er, asking for all of sorts odd things
to eat. This is the worst request!

(Emily begins to cry and George panics.)

George: I'm sorry Emily, I'll go make it for you…

Emily: Oh, it's not that, George.

George: (eyes Emily suspiciously) Then what?

(Emily gets this "caught" look on her face)

George: (turns around to look at her) What's the matter
then Emily?

Emily: (she looks at him, and starts crying again) I feel
like we haven't been close for a while, and well… a girl
has to be loved at least some of the time. You've been
neglecting me, George. So, this guy I met has been coming
over for a while, when you've been gone at your meetings
with your farming business.

George: (surprised look appears on George's face, then
turns to anger) A guy you met… while I’ve been gone at my
meetings?! (so mad he can’t really talk) W-WHO IS HE?!?!
Emily, I demand to know who it is!

Emily: (reluctant to tell George, but then shamefully
tells him)’s Howie…Howie Newsome… the milkman.

(George gets a disgusted look on his face. George springs
out of bed and runs out of the room, leaving Emily in bed
looking confused)

Emily: George… George?! GEORGE! Where are you going!
(hears the slamming of the door. Emily jumps out of bed,
and runs after George, trying to follow him.)

(George breaks down Howie’s door)

Howie: Howdy George, need milk that badly?

George: (in a fit of anger, points to Howie sitting at his
kitchen table) You…You stupid milkman!! How DARE you have
(flails hands around, symbolizing “something”) with my

(Howie tries to look innocent. George grabs one of the
milks from his end of the table, smashes it against the
table- breaking the bottle. Howie backs away from George,
afraid, as Emily steps through Howie’s door and tries to
stop George)

George: (lunges towards Howie) Die upon your own broken
milk bottle... MILKMAN! (Thrusts the broken bottle toward
Howie. Everybody freezes: George just about to stab Howie,
who has a look of fear, and Emily is frozen with a look of

Stage manager: Divorce isn't a common occurrence in
Grover’s Corners, one maybe two a year at most. Nope, the
folks around here can always find a way to forgive just
about anything that happens between 'em.
George and Emily were never quite the same after
this. A lot of things went unsaid between them. Nine
months later, a new Gibbs child entered the world. George
treated his new daughter just as well as if she had been
his own.
Well, that's the end of act two-and-a-half,
fifteen minute's intermission.