Psychology 1
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2004-01-26 22:48:17 (UTC)

Day 11: Experiences (5)

This entry involves yet another experiencein involving
relationships in my life and this one dealing with family.
At one time, me and my brother did not have much of a
relationship at all. We wer typical brother and sister,
where we fought and argued alot. Since he was older than I
was, he would pick on me and tease me all the time. We
never spent much time or bonded for the majority of our
adolesence. But in the last few years, we have grown much
closer. We talk and spend much more time together now than
we ever did before. I think this happened because when he
went off to college and we saw each other alot less, it
made it easier to get along. We were not always around and
in each other lives 24/7. Since we do not see each other
much anymore since he is always away, there just seems to
be no time to fight. It seems very silly to fight an argue
thus making our relationship become much stronger. We like
to spend time with one another now and to discuss things
in our lives that we never would have dreamed of doing
before. It is true what they say, that the older we get
and the more we mature, the more we appreciate our
siblings and are able to bond. And I never thought much of
him before or understood my brother before, but now that
we have established our new found relationship, we enjoy
each other company much more and that is the greatest
thing I could have asked for.

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