Psychology 1
2004-01-26 22:32:34 (UTC)

Day 10: Experiences (4)

On hardship I had experiences through friendship occurred
this summer. A good friend of mine said nasty things about
me behind my back to a guy I cared about. He trusted me
enough to know that they were lies and to not believe her,
yet when I found out I was dumbfounded. I was both angry
and upset that someone I considered to be such a good
friend would stab me in the back like that. We did not
speak for a month and when she did she had no
explainations as to why she had done it. It was a time
where I had to make an important decision, whether to let
it slide or to let the friendship die. In the end, I
decided that the friendship was more important because I
realized that she had only done it in defense of her own
insecurities and not because she did not like me. In
essence, she had done it because of jealousy. But we found
it was something that we could overcome, and we did. Today
we are closer than ever and I am glad that I made the
decision that I did because I would have given up on
something that turned out to be really good. I would have
regretted it if I had let it go so easily, so have some
understanding and compassion toward other people. Try to
understand why the react to things in the way that they to
because that way you will get farther in relationships and
find yourself to be more happier with them.