Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2004-01-26 21:40:59 (UTC)


been a longlong time. I have a bf again his name is john
arnold. I really like him. I also got my nipples peirced
and was grounded, hence the reason i was'nt on the
computer much to write....so ive had my nipplespeirced for
almost 2 months now, been going out with john for a lil
more than a month now. I really like him. He's about 6ft
and has longbrown hair. pale skin, blue/green eyes, good
smile. he's a really good guy. dont think i'll be in any
sort of stupid relatioship with him either, it'l be good
with him. he's the best guy ive ever been with, no love
bullshit, sex is great...he's also like so muscular, it's
awsome being with a guy that can pick you up with like
almost no effort, hahahaha. he's really great so far. so
far with him it's been all plusses...nothing bad, other
than him and becca not getting along. becca and i...as we
get older poure opinions are so much stronger and diverse
it's strange becuase we kinda get into theese fights and
or disscussions that go on forever....becuase we all feel
the need to be right, but i nthe end we are best