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2004-01-26 21:39:10 (UTC)

I think I'm in love

Here's me being serious:

So Saturday it poured. And I hate umbrellas. A four hour
practice turned into an hour practice. You can guess what
I did. Hopped on a plane for Dallas. And low and behold,
more rain. I'm in heaven. It's amazing how the one thing
that we need most in life, God just lets pour out of the

Man I love Gateway Church. Read the words to this song:

King of Majesty, I have one desire,
Just to be with you my Lord, just to be with you my Lord
Jesus you are the savior of my soul. And forever and ever
I'll give my praises to you.

Here's another good'n:

How can I stand here with You and not be moved by you?
Could you tell me how could it be any better than this?
You're all I want, all I need, everything, everything...

Here's to God: The most amazing thing that's ever
happened to me. I praise Him for my strikeouts, I praise
Him for my hits. I praise Him at the best of times, I
praise Him at the worst of times. God I love you, and I
want to cry thinking about how much you love me. Today is
your day!! I glorify you in everything I do.

If you want to be amazingly changed, listen to "Oh Praise
Him" by David Crowder Band or ANY Shane Bernard song.

idle time is the devil's workshop.

be near, oh God