2004-01-26 21:21:58 (UTC)

Elerby Road

All I can say is I hate being yelled at. I hate rundowns
and I hate that dadgum steal-and-stop. I think someone
could probably tell me how to do that a hundred times and
I would screw it up every time. Friday night...official recruit night
apparantly...we get gutsy and drive out to ol' Elerby
Road. Me, Lyn, Dana, Tate, and Amy the recruit packed
like sardines in a little Honda Civic. All the way down
Youree, passed the rail road tracks and right passed the
white building on the side of the road, we made a right
turn on Elerby. Ten minutes of searching the dark and
deserted road, we saw nothing. Our designated driver in a
panic. We turn around in a well-lit area to head back and
search for it again. No sign. One more turn-around would
assure us that we'd see it. "It's on the left, right
passed the road when it gets really curvey," she said.
Well prepared for it to be there we searched. The street
curves. Curves again. And again. A vague image of a
short building is only noticed by me and Tate. On the
left. We turn around yet again. Slow down to the image
we see. There it was. The old burned out school, yet to
be torn down. Rumor after rumor told about this dreadful
school, in po-dunk Shreveport. Every horrible story of
burning flesh told about the place came back to haunt us.
Our DD screemed. Her lead foot hit 90 mph in about 2
seconds. Like a fat kid in dodge ball, we were out.