Denika's CraZY Life
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2004-01-26 20:34:48 (UTC)

o0o0h... Boys Downstairs and a Swimfan

Last thursday Savanna and Chuck stayed over at my place,
it was awsome. There were a few boys who live downstairs
that were going out to their car, Vanna stood up an flashed
and mooned them. It was halarious. Since then there has
been a note war going on. Knock and run, that is the game.
Then, thursday, 4 am - 6am, the buzzer, the knocking, the
boys were drunk. Niiiiiiiiiiiice. "Come down and drink with
us! I know ou are in there" Vanna wasnt even there!! The
stayed otside of the door for the longest time, and ringing
my door. bleh.

Anyway, Van stayed on saturday night, and the boys wrote
a note saying that we should come down. We wrote a note
back, and then decided to go down. A really hot guy let us
in. He was there with another boy and a girl. Guy number
ones name was Grahm(hot), boy two is Sean (the hottest mofo
ever) and the girl was kelly, who in turn was Grahms gf.
Anywho0o we stayed there for a while, the other boys were
apparently out getting some more munchies and junk, so we
had a cople of drinks and stuff. The they come into the
room, Shane, and Trevor. Shane was reallly hot, BUt he has
a gf (off limits) trevor was cute, but not my kinda cute.
Anyway, we had a blast, Van was really quite but I talked
their ear off.

I got a long with Shane so well, I hope we become good
friends someday.Sean is a sweety, he really quiet, and shy,
but so0o hot. Grahm seemed to be the leader of the group,
the alpha male, Shane would be the funny and smart one of
the group, Trevor was the "idiot" of the group, although he
was quite sweet. Anyway, we stayed for a few hours. The
shane, Sean, and Trevor came up to my place and stayed for
a while it was awsome. Shane asked us to go back down, but
I knew Van didnt want to, I think she was tired. So we

Last night we met a few other of the boys that visit down
there. I dont understand! They are all so very hot! its
so0o0o0o wierd. Anyway:p

I have to get kicking so i can go and make my cookies for

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