listen to my silences
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2004-01-26 20:15:36 (UTC)

reese cups are tasty

it's been an interesting couple of my head
anyways. i've been doing a lot of thinking, which i guess
is good and bad. friends of mine have given me things to
think about. and these things have confused me even more
than i already was. oh well. enough about that.

i'm going to see linkin park on march first! woo hoo!
right now brandon's going with me. my bro was supposed to,
but it's on a school night so mom and dad won't let me go.
bratcher is supposed to be going with one of his friends,
but so far he hasn't found anything out so he might be
going with us. i'll have to sell our tickets and buy
different ones, but it would be fun to have him along. who
knows. he's supposed to call me today or tomorrow to let
me know one way or the other. it's going to be linkin
park, p.o.d., story of the year, and hoobastank. all
awesome bands in my opinion. i think i'm more hyped about
it than they are, but who cares. woo hoo!

okay anyways. i haven't taken my resume to the bank yet.
i'm debating on whether i'm going to write a cover letter.
i don't want to, but i probably should. blah.

yesterday we had a really bad ice storm. i had to be at
work at six thirty, so i missed it. i was supposed to get
off at three thirty but our other service desk person
called in because of the weather, so janel asked me to
stay. so i worked until ten! i got home and crashed at
eleven and slept straight through until eleven thirty this
afternoon. crazyfulness! i've slept that late before, but
never when i went to bed at eleven and never straight
through. i'm still tired though. it was a long day
yesterday. but we had fun! lol.

final thought: what you feel is what you are and what you
are is beautiful, oh-oh, you want to get married and run
away? (should have said yes...)

final thought: that's not whale! you're speaking upset

final thought: it hurts to want everything and nothing at
the same time, i want what's yours and i want what's mine,
i want you but i'm not giving in this time

final thought: why can't there be an undo button in life?

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