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2004-01-26 19:27:40 (UTC)


Ah…a new week…

Now what can be better then waking up on a winter Monday
morning with chest pains?!?!? As if a diabolist is digging
a cavity right under your ribs, yeah, obviously a
priceless feeling! Hm, when this little “pleasure” will
abandon(IF it will abandon) me I think I might even miss
it…I just hope that I don’t have any disease developing,
since I already suffer from a hyperdementness disorder and
brain tumors, so one more disability wouldn’t make it any
easier for me to survive till the European Soccer Cup!

Well, the efficiency yield of my day so far wasn’t all
that impressive…my only completed mission was eating 10
black, liquorish flavored, jellybeans! Since my brain is
also in a “stand by” mode, no stimulating thoughts are
visible on the horizon line…I guess this would be one of
those “I wish I was a teapot” days…So I guess that’s all!

Ok, might as well end here and go watch as the paint
dries…or even better, observe as the mercury in the
thermometer falls from the presently -35 to more exciting

Oh, and a small tip for the day that I also was just
taught : When you come to a fork on the road, take it!!”

Enjoy your life

The impossibility

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