2004-01-26 16:36:30 (UTC)

what do i want..

what do i want right now?

Why is that so hard to answer?

What do I feel led towards?

Being with you, I wanted to be closer. I wanted you to
want to be closer. He left for a minute, and we had
plenty of room, but we still stayed close and touching,
and I don't know if it meant anything or was just a
fluke. But being that near has a certain rightness to it
I just can't dismiss. i really like it and want that more
often. I had a lot of fun with you.. and I'm not
surprised by that.. it's always more fun with you..
yesterday, I kept singing " the way the light attaches to
a boy" (original line was girl but i like guys so..)

I just more and more am feeling this desire to just be
closer to you, and I dont know what to do about it.

and i'm talking to you now and i like it and yet am
frusterated at the same time.........

he said take it one step at a time, so I guess this is
what I'll have to do. Just please don't push me back.