Barre The Door
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2004-01-26 09:19:12 (UTC)


So I start my next semester at Sierra tomorrow, or actually
today. That's a good thing, but I'm not looking forward to
getting up early for the next few days, at least until I
get into the habit of it.
A lot has been happening lately, and it's been all good.
The Deftones concert was a blast. The lights went out, and
a faint glow encompassed the stage. Suddenly the somewhat
quiet intro to Minerva started with Chino playing the intro
on guitar. Then it crashed into the main part of the song
and the concert was on. About 2 minutes in my shoe came
off. That sucked. Then a few minutes later my belt buckle
broke. So somehow I ended up next to Seth and asked him to
pick up my shoe if he found it, but not to worry about it
otherwise. As soon as they played Around the Fur I had
found a seat, about halfway through the concert. My foot
was bruised pretty bad and so was my leg where the pocket
with my belt buckle in it had been. But it was ok, cus I
was having a blast. After the concert, I was looking for my
shoe outside because apparently that's where they dump all
the personal items they find from the show, and I saw some
big Mexican guy wearing it. I walked up to him and
said "Hey man, I think that's my shoe" He quickly denied it
and hid his foot behind his back. "What size do you wear?"
he asked me, and reluctantly gave it up. I can't believe
somebody else wore my shoe! it's gross.
So today was John's last day, we get a new manager tomorrow
and I'm happy about that. It's not that John was a bad guy,
he just didn't know how to treat his employees. He said he
would probably miss me cus he had a lot of fun joking
around with me, good luck John; I wish you the best.
So after work (an hour after I was supposed to get off, but
John had to pull one last asshole move before he left) I
went over and watched a movie with Tiffany. We had a great
time and kissed real good after. I'm interested to see how
our relationship develops from here...
Band practice today was cool. We finished our second song
and Doug is gonna have lyrics for it Teusday, at the next
practice. The band we were supposed to share a room with is
breaking up, so we might get their room. If we do, the guys
think they know another band that would like to share it
with us. If we don't get a room there, we'll have to try
the WhoreHouse, so we can stop bugging our families. The
second song is really cool, but for some reason Doug
doesn't want to put it on the internet. I'm a little
confused about their choices for cover songs too. I think
when you cover a song it should be popular and
recognizable, and have your own twist on it. Well whatever,
we're making music and that's great. I can't wait until my
first show...