felicity womb
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2004-01-26 06:31:51 (UTC)


It’s good to be back…

The feeling is so obstruct, but yet so vivid!
Unexplainable, while so logical. In a sense almost like
winning in a radio contest (personally never whats so ever
have participated in those) the last ticket to an Elvis
performance during his cross-country tour…yeah, the exact
same foolishly absurd joy! Might add that I am even in my
fair mood at this moment , feel like doing a tap dance. If
only I had my tap shoes…plus, of course knowing how to tap
dance wouldn’t hurt either. But I think I would still
attempt a poor imitation of such “art” in my Spiderman
socks on the kitchen floor! So I am back… After many
months, with 65 days in each one of them, I’ve finally
decided to start a brand new spanking journal…or at least
will try to do such.
Was a bit sad getting rid of my old “master piece”, Julia
even cussed at me for such…but I indeed needed a brand new

Well, I don’t think that I will introduce myself (yeah
yeah, I know how rude and impolite of me, what rainforest
manners I have…), but its just that all the people that
actually are intended to read this already know me. Hm,
but honestly, I am not any more special than an Oreo
cookie, so I don’t think that I wish to spend a whole
sentence talking about myself.

Anyways, I guess this would be the end of my FIRST, more
accurately to say the first after my last, journal entry.
I would have blabbed on a bit longer…maybe about the size
of rock I found today or something, but I feel a bit like
a roll of toilet paper, my mood is absolutely scandalous…
but no, of course I am not hinting at that I just might
not be feeling happy!!! I mean, its perfectly ordinary and
possible to be happy and miserable at the same time,
right? Yeah, can’t help feeling like a moron tonight…

Ok, Popsicle sticks to all..the strawberry ones
Bye for now,

The Obnoxious One