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2004-01-26 06:14:31 (UTC)

Don't Say

Don't say you'll be there 'til the end
if you don't really want to be my friend
Don't tell me you'll always be there
if you really just don't care
Yes it'll hurt if you tell me that's how you feel
but I'd prefer to know exactly what is real
Please don't pretend that you love me
if there's somewhere else you'd rather be
I love our friendship how it is now
it may be real but I don't know how
There are things I hear that you say
that have led me to believe this way
So if you truly care tell me so
if you don't then let me know
Don't be afraid to tell me what's true
I'd be hurt more being used by you
So tell me now what I want to know
I want to know what's truly so

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