robot talk. bleepity bloop.
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2004-01-26 06:00:12 (UTC)

the word diary sounds like the word diarhea

im back. when the world ends, the particles decide to get
together to form something new. what if it happened and we
were all sleeping the entire time. what if we've been
reprogrammed in an effort to get our fingers to type on the
keyboards faster. that would explain aol instant messenger.
messager. messy ager. reprogrammed like a south beach diet
of the soul. but while they were working on it, they forgot
to name certain things, like every food that every existed.
a pizza pie would be 1 of course, for obvious reason. but
here's where it gets tricky, because a slice of pizza from
the exact same pizza pie would be number 97. you could say,
"hey, pal. whatcha eatin?" and pal could reply, "oh, just a
63 and a 1045." "oh," you could say, "are you on that low 43
diet again, pal." and pal could reply, "yeah. Im in phase
one and i really miss my 543s." and that would be that.
maybe nobody else thinks of things like that. maybe i don't
either. i think that we should probably start for when
we're reprogrammed. just so we're ready this time.

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