Psychology 1
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2004-01-26 03:52:35 (UTC)

Day 9: Experiences (3)

An experience that has affected my view is one concerning
my family. For some unknown reason, everytime my family
goes on vacation or is having a holiday a our house my mom
tends to get really testy and fights occur. My mother gets
stressed out because she is the kind of person that needs
to have things done, which makes her freak out for no
apparent reason. Through the years we have learned to deal
with it and to let it go because we know how she is and
what is more important. And that is to enjoy our time
together on special occasions and to get along as
harmoniously as possible. As the saying goes, "Patience is
a virtue." This example shows how important having a
little patience is and that will take you really far in
the long run with relationships. Everyone has off days,
and people should not be categorized as mean or unpleasant
people because of one day that is not going their way or
has been stressful to make them act irrationally or
irritable. It makes things go much more smoothly and more
enjoyable to get along with people and to have some
understanding for what they may be feeling or going