Psychology 1
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2004-01-26 01:38:15 (UTC)

Day 8: Experiences (2)

Another experience that goes hand in hand with the last
entry involves my recent boyfriend. I did not have a
boyfriend for about two years because of the pain of a
lost love. It was the beginning of a new start for me.
Opening up my heart again to the possibility of failure
and heartache was a hard thing to overcome. Unknowing of
what lied before me and what may happen I took the chance.
Although it did not last very long, it taught me alot and
changed me yet again. I actually trusted and wanted to be
with a man for the first time in ages. I was very happy
with him, but we all need to do what we have to do to be
able to satisfy both persons needs in a relationship which
is why we are no longer together. We still remain friends
and have no hard feelings toward one another, which is the
best anyone can ask for in a situation like ours. I have
learned to give people a chance and to not give up so
easily thinking what happened in the past will surely
occur in every situation in the future. It is a harsh
rationalization to come to and may be depriving me of a
greater relationship and happiness, without even knowing
it. Give people a chance, for we do not know what the
future holds in store for us.