Psychology 1
2004-01-26 01:24:50 (UTC)

Day 7: Experiences (1)

One experience that has shaped who I am today is something
that happened about two years ago. No one really knows or
understands love till they have experienced it. Some
people may believe being my age, that when I understood
it, I was too young. And maybe I was, but no one can
control what emotions they feel and when they feel them.
When I was 13, I had my first encounter with love and it
changed my life forever. It was the best emotion, yet the
worst feeling when it was lost. Most people my age wouldnt
be able to understand what that feels like and that it is
such a hard thing to deal with loosing someone you fell in
love with. It changed who I was as a person and even
though it was a great year for us, it has made me more
cautious to open up my heart so easily to a man.
Psychologists proved that both people and animals respond
to positive reinforcement by continuing to go along with
the action that they get encouragement for performing and
respond oppositely to negative reinforcement by avoiding
what causes discomfort or pain. So I suppose that I try to
avoid situations like that, that may hurt me or break my
heart again. But in reality, even though it did not end
that great, it was still a great learning experience for
me and taught me alot about people and myself. It helped
me grow into the person that I am today.

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