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2004-01-26 00:50:54 (UTC)

Chris's "party"

I tried to put some people together, I really did, and my
phone can prove that. I've been talking on it so long the
battery died as soon as I left the house.

The original thing I was planning was to meet up at Chris
and Eric's at 4 or 5 or so, this was assuming he'd get home
some time around there. That was a very naive assumption.
He tried to get off at 8, didn't work. He left after 10.
This narrowed down the list of people who could come

Original list of victims:
Girls: Guys:

Anna Marvin
Elizabeth Eric
Kathy David
Kara Dwight

Stephany Oscar
Christina Tim
and me

What happened was this:
First I found out that Marvin is already in Callifornia, so
he was automatically assumed not to come, even if anna was
there. Kara and Dwight wanted to screw around together
instead and Kara couldn't come all too late, so Kara out.
Stephany couldn't come early, so she was gonna be late, but
later in the day she couldn't either, she promised her St.
Hyacinth friends she'll hang with them, and was looking
forward to that. So Steph is out. Kathy was in for a while
but she couldn't that late and had to do something with her
mom which I think is a partial excuse, then she said David
can't make it either. So scratch david and Kasia out. Oscar
had a family emergency which we found out this morning, so
he just didn't come and we didn't know why. Elizabeth and
Anna have bad curfew so the could only stay till 10:40, so
they'd be home at about 11:00.
In conclusion, the amount of people there when he showed up
at around 11:20:

Girls: Guys:



Christina Tim
and me (and then Evil Jimmy came)

Plus Chris made for seven people. We didn't make too big of
He came, we led him to the ice cream cake purchased by Anna
before, put the candles on it. In this time Marvin and
Pepsi called so Chris was putting the two lines in one
while the candles were burning on the ice cream cake. We
sang Happy Birthday in English, then German, then Polish.
He made a wish and I hope it comes true.
We ate I gave him gift, it was crappy (cheap since I don't
have much money,) we said it was from all of us.
Then we played a good game of Taboo, it was TDC The Killer
Aces vs. The Queen of Hearts team Christina in the red
coat, Evil Jimmy, and Dwight, Eric was the spectator. He
did a good job of making it interesting.
Afterwards we went to IHOP, or GAY-HOP as Chris calls it.
Came back home, Chris started playing Simpsons hit and run,
while the Tim, Christina and I were getting kinda tired.
Eric, Evil Jimmy, and Dwight were preparing their
characters for d&d.
The tired ones left. I went to sleep at like 4, wasn't
caught since I was to be back at 1:30.

Chris said thanks, that it meant alot to him. I think he
was just saying that. Maybe it was a little bit of a boost,
but I know it wasn't good enough. Well, 'twas some what