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2004-01-26 00:22:26 (UTC)

This Weekend

Hmm.. this weekend has been kinda gay... friday we had a
pep rally and of course i sported my boone county gear...
woo hoo go BCHS.. lol, i got bitched out in 2nd and 5th
period bc "i have no school spirit" and supposedly friday
when we have the big cross county game, im going to get boo-
ed out of the game... haha bring it you ryle bitches!! lol
ne who... after the pep rally i hauled ass out of school bc
i wanted to go home for a few min before i had to be at
work at 3. yup, the second i opened the back door the
bitching began... so i just pretty much brushed shoulders
w/ judy and walked past year and was like "fuck this shit"
and the whole nite i did jack shit. Jake, noah, josh, some
john dude, carlos, nick and kyle were up at the mall, so i
talked to them for pretty much teh whole nite.oh and i
talked to chad, joe, scott and ryan from gold star, those
are a funny group of guys, lol. well, after work, emily and
i headed to pick up kyle at his house because i was driving
him down to the levee where we were meeting josh, carlos
and nick to see a movie. well i get a call from kyle.. and
he has a flat, so me and em go meet him to "help" him fix
it, lol, i held the flash light! so ne who, he fixes it, we
head to the levee and we have missed the movie that we
planned on seeing, so we had to see "my babys daddy" yup..
def. fell asleep. um, after the movie, took kyle and em
home, and kyle fell asleep in the back which was funny bc i
actually went the speed limit and kept the music down low
(those were both firsts!) lol, just so i wouldn't wake him
up. damn.. im a nice person, its a shame no one sees that.
ANYWAY.. saturday rolls around and i bum around my house
until i have to babysit, at 5, which was acutally fun, leo
is so freaking cute! and max didn't come home from his 3
birthday parties til around 8 (the kid has more of a social
life than i do!) so it was an easy nite! sunday.. today..
was freakin pointless. i get up around 12:30 and have to
get ready for work, ya i actually do my hair and wear jeans
to work (lol) and guess what... i get there, sit around for
3 hours.. and the freakin mall closes at 5 (an hour early)
so yea.. i made a whole 15 dollars.. and plus the weather
was HORRIBLE and my dad had to drive me, it was scary as
shit.. but im hoping for a snow day tomorrow because i want
to go to devue park and go sled riding! im fliping
excited!! well, everyone im talking to right now are being
bitches, so being on the computer is gay, so im out... PEACE