Psychology 1
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2004-01-26 00:06:52 (UTC)

Day 6: Relations with family

This entry deals with relationships with family. Some
family relationships are very good while other have alot
of problems or may be very limited. Some people have great
family lives where everyone gets along together and
appreciates one another. On the other hand, other may
fight or have alot of trouble or agression. For example,
divorces or being abused by a family member will causes
issues betwen family members and alot of tension, while
close knit familes that spend alot of time together will
tend to get along better and have a more harmonious
relationship. Family relationships are the most important
in our lives because they were the first relationships we
are exposed to. Your family are the people that begin to
mold your personality from when you are born till the time
we are exposed to different people and things, which is
when we take charge of who we become later in life. No
matter how much we fight or disagree with our families,
they are still the most important factors in our lives and
love us the most. So that is always something to consider
because you never know when they may no longer be around
anymore, and you dont want to realize this lesson after
they are gone and let petty differences come between you
and them.