you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2004-01-25 23:51:12 (UTC)


just got home......sunday night..... been at andrew's
since friday. second weekend in a row we've been together
the entire time. as much as i love him, i think we need a
little space, it's unhealty. friday was our 1 month
anniversary of being engaged. we drank grape juice out of
wine glasses. lols, who would of thought?

Lily might be visiting next wkend which is awesome, and
the weekend after i'm chillin w/ kr. hmm we'll see how
that goes.

i freaked out a little bit on saturday evening. i'm really
getting tired of this shit because i was in a great mood
but then i was hyper then kinda mad then really distant
and i just don't know what's going on - but, haha - lead
to some interesting memories... ugh, street-walking down
memory lane. and andrew's brother gave him his drum set,
omg, more memories....(of my 1st bf, uuuuuuuuugggggghhh
god no). hopefully we'll turn out a little better.

midterms on tuesday. ugh NOT COOL. oh shit- i was supposed
to study w/ allison, now it's too late. oh well, she
didn't call me, either.

eww, i need a shower.