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Don't Judge me Yet
2004-01-25 23:46:02 (UTC)

My stupid mistake

Well competition for ROTC was Saturday. we had to be at
school at 7:15...buses left at 7:30am. we got to Oveido
High School at like 10am. We had inspection at 11:15. i got
a 10 in inspection!! yay go me. the inspector (he was Navy)
didn't even ask me any questions. i was so happy. then we
did drill. Basic was okay...except that the commander
forgot like 4 movements. exhibition...i dont even want to
talk about it! i did the wrong freakin movement!!! i
started crying when we presented out. i was so
embarrassed...and i thought the other girls were mad at me
for messing up. but they werent...but it was still
embarrassing. but i had to forget about drill because i had
to go do pushups. Captain told me i had to do atleast 40
pushups (i do the BEST pushups)....he wanted me to do
60 ...but he said he'd settle for 40. we get max points for that's all that matters. Well i started freaking out
because the judges were really tough (Marines...of
course)...i mean they disqualified a guy after 12
pushups!!! so Cody (a fling of the past) had to calm me
down. he convinced me it'd be okay. so we did pushups...i
did 46...i was so happy!!! Cody did 95!! then the running
began...i dont run so i just cheered the people who do on.
we won the running events. then we had to awards ceremony.
we got 3rd place in inspection. 4th place in academics. we
didn't place in drill. but we got 1st place overall in
athletics. Cody got 1st place for male pushups. but i can't
this...the 3rd place winner for female pushups did 47!!!!!!
47!!! i did 46!! can you believe that! i was soooo mad!!!
but we got 3rd place overall!!! which means we get to go to
the Superbowl...which means i can make up for my pushups
there. i'm gonna train for pushups like crazy between now
and then. but that's so awesome that we get to go to the
Superbowl...because if we get in the top 3 there then we
get to go to NATIONALS!!! that would be so awesome because
we went to Nationals my freshman year so if we go my senior
year that'd be so cool. on the bus ride home me, Marianna,
and Ashley taught Brittini all about sex. Brittini is this
dumb VIRGIN (i mean really really virgin...she's never even
been kissed) she didn't know anything! she thought wood was
firewood and when a guy touched her leg she thought she had
an orgasm!!! when we got back to the, Marianna,
Melissa and Cody went to Wendy's. we had sooo much fun! me
and Cody were reminiscing the whole night. when i got home
i got to talk to Adam for like 3 hours. that was awesome. i
think he's kind of intimidated by Cody. but he has nothing
to worry about. i have NO feelings for Cody anymore. Cody's
my past...but Adam is DEFINITELY my future. i love Adam so
much...i hope he knows that.