Psychology 1
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2004-01-25 23:45:56 (UTC)

Day 5: Relations with the same sex

This entry addresses the issues involving people of the
same sex. In volving friendship, jealously, or possibly a
relationship. Friendship is a big part of this topic.
Friednships is a huge part of our lives and will continue
to be long after we are gone. Friendship helps us grow and
mature as people and help shape us into the people that we
are going to be. For example, if we have supportive and
helpful friends you will most likely become that kind of
friend too while on the other hand if your a neglected and
unappreciated by your friends then you may end up treaing
people like that and being that kind of friend too.
Sometimes there may be some trouble involving jealousy and
competition between members of the same sex. Many people
are proned to proving that they are better than other
people and this may cause complications because it may put
barriers between friendships and make them that much
harder. But if it is real friendship, then this factor in
our lives will not hurt or cause problems within the
relationship because it does not seem worth it. You will
learn this lesson through the many experiences in your
life and through time to fully understand how this works
and how it can be overcomed.