Nick's Journal
2004-01-25 21:49:22 (UTC)

I pissed all over my financial institutions risk management book

i don't know if you do this, but i always take some shit
with me to read in the toilet (no pun intended). usually
i bring some comic book or some shit like that, cos let's
face it if you bring a fucking book in there you either
a.) read a half page or b.) spend 3 god damn hours in
anyhow this shit seemed worthy of some textbook studying
so i was reading through the book for a while. as i get up
and am about to pull my boxers over my incredibly large
wang a good deal of urine droplets fell onto the page that
i had been reading. now every time i touch that book it's
gonna feel like urine, and the stupid shit is gonna dry
and probably make the pages stick and it's gonna make that
horrible crinkling sound. fuck.
tomorrow there's no putting it off, i'm going to have to
bite the bullet and engage in conversation with some
dipshits in my management class. i fucking hate
management cos all they want to do is do shit in groups,
it's like they know that they aren't capable of doing it
alone so they want to spread the misery. and who the fuck
manages in groups? what company has group managers? why
do management teachers always have this insane inclination
to get everybody to hug and kiss in groups? i even put it
off on wednesday cos everybody was fucking "getting to
know people". basically the guy told us we need groups of
6 and we each have to be of a different major. so now i'm
sure there are more than enough groups formed already and
i gotta fucking do the sheepish shit of asking if they
need a finance major.
the only thing worse than that is the nice
rejection. "sorry but we already HAVE 6 people". well
fucking add a 7th dipshit! god i hate it when people do
that. or when all of a sudden everybody fucking knows 5
other people and they're in their clique group. or even
worse is when everybody else is so fucking good at small
talk that they make life-long friends on the backs of some
inanely stupid 5 minute banter about shit that nobody in
their right god damned minds would ever have the will to
talk about. so they have their little groups and i have
to edge my ass in with a simple, "i don't have a group"
and then they expect something awesome to come out of my
mouth like...."hey this course sucks, what's your major?
huhuhuhu". fuck that. god damn it i AM going to have to
do that tomorrow.
oh well maybe i'll show them my financial book and the
crinkly pages, that'll make for a good fucking story.