I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2004-01-25 20:25:14 (UTC)


Well, I got a note from an unknown reader when I asked who
was still here and I replied, but I don't think it went
through. SO, thanks awsumgirlygirl. It's nice to know
you're still here :) Are you from around here? Just

In other news, it's a balmy 75 degrees fahrenheit and
lovely. I have been productive today, and that's a good
feeling as well. I cleaned the bathroom, cleaned up my
room, wrote thank you notes from Christmas (better late
than never, right?) and my birthday. Hopefully some
homework and a shower will happen as well.

For the moment I'm enjoying my day off, listening to John
Mayer, and surfin' the net. I do live the exciting life,
don't I?


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