Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-01-25 19:51:52 (UTC)

Mid January Thoughts

ok new favorite show on TV... Bands Reunited.
now to some of you it might be lame, or you might not
remember the bands...etc. but to me it's just great. I
have been in 5 bands in my life and some have had band
member changes and some broke up. And until you have been
in a band for any length of time you will never understand
the power of that kind of relationship. But yeah this new
show rocks and I almost end up crying everytime. I just
love seeing how time can heal all wounds. And how music is
the main catylist for love.

This weekend I was to move into my new apartment But it
did not happen. It is now next weekend. Which is both good
and bad. Good cause now I have more time to gather my
things from 7 different places and I won't be so rushed.
But at the same time I have to wait another week to get a
place of my own, and will have to wait another week to
unpack my boxes.

I am hoping that the band will be able to record in march
and have our songs done by then and most of all have
enough money for it. That has been troubling me too.
making this uphill climb to be a normal band again. So
much to accomplish, it will take forever, and cost way
more than we want it to. But I know the result will be
something we are proud of and hopefully our fans, family,
and friends will be proud of it too.

ok i think I covered my mind for now. off to shower and
work on some songs.
music: Phantom Planet / Phantom Planet (becoming one of my
favorite bands)
movies: The Shipping News (very good till the ending which
I thought sucked)
book: Lullaby