The Darkness Within

Dancing Nude
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2004-01-25 19:45:15 (UTC)

The Cheating Begins

So, by the end of her visit (might I note she only left his
house but once or twice in a two week period, most of the
time in his room)they were a couple. Yipee! ( note
sarcasm) She came back and was miserable without him, he
called me to see how she was, or if I had talked to
her...isn't that sweet? I have to say this is where my
spiteful nature rears it's head. Then it happend. Slowely
but surely.
Miscommunications, and deceptions. She was seeing someone
on the side..whom she spent a great deal of time with but
had to cover from everyone. Especially me seeing as I was
Orions best friend. It was fairly obvious though and
eventually she began slipping up badly. Telling me one
story and Orion another, and then when he and I conversed
we would stumble upon these descrepancies, and of course
that put doubt in his mind. After a few months of this, he
began sleeping with his ex girlfriend ( whom was already
with someone, and had a child by another man). She would
tell her boyfriend that she was going out with some friends
to sing Kareoke, and she and Orion would go back to his
place and pull out the whip. He had promised me that he
would not do this at an earlier point when he told me that
she had been of course this meant that
while having sex with this girl he was also keeping it from
me. Long story short, he came out to visit, Jenny her
daughter, Orion and I all went out shopping for a
day...Jenny left us stranded at the store ..they broke up.
Then she says she may be pregnant. Although Orion is so
done with her it isn't funny he pretends to still care in
case she is. She isn't. Now, he finds out that his ex
girlfriend/fu#! buddy IS pregnant, and staying with her
boyfriend. This of course means he is alone again. So,
swallowing his pride, he ( behind my back, because he knew
what I would think) has made plans for Jenny to move down
to where he is with him this spring. He claims that he
thinks he loves her, and he could be happy. I think he
hates to be alone, he knows she will do anything for him,
and he needs to get laid again. I hope that they are happy
together, for both of their sakes. Who knows, perhaps
something beautiful may grow up from the tainted soil that
they have based their relationship out of?