The Darkness Within

Dancing Nude
2004-01-25 19:31:21 (UTC)

Orion and Jenny

So the story goes, that they began talking on the
phone...and she began showing massive improvement in her
view of herslef, and even told a few of the a-holes that
were basically just using her to shove off! Great, right?
uh....NO. You see, somewhere down the line, as both Orion
and I had thought might happen, she decided that she had
feelings for him. With that in mind, she and he
made plans for her to visit Orion for a few weeks. A day
or so after she got there Orion calls me distressed.
Apparently " He doesn't know how it happened" but he slept
with her. ( Might I add the first night they officially
met). He was afraid that she may end up pregnant, and if
so he would marry her ( irrigardless of love) because that
is what he should do. ( I should probably enter in the
fact that Orion's childhood was anything but normal with a
military father, older brother that tormented him, and
mother that tried killing his siblings, stole him, and has
been in and out of homes and given shock theropy since he
was born) Due to the family life he had, he always has
wanted a normal life. That said, perhaps the two would
make a good match after all? She was looking for an escape
from her bad home life, all she wanted was a stable happy
life for her and her daughter, and he wanted someone to
come home to, and stability. A need/need relationship, who
could ask for more?