The Darkness Within

Dancing Nude
2004-01-25 19:22:44 (UTC)

A Change of names

Jenny and Orion the sgaa continues:

In comes
my sister-in-law/close friend( at the time) Jenny. Jenny
is a great girl, who happens to have a lot of psychological
issues. That said if you knew her family it was more than
understandable! Her mother was classified as
a "rageoholic". Her father, and alchoholic. ( probably due
to dealing with her mom!) As the years have progressed, her
father spends as much time at work as possible, and when he
has to be home he spends his time drinking in his wood shed
out back while making it look like he is tinkering with
various chores. That leaves no one really but Jenny and her
young daughter alone with her mother a majority of the
time. Ever since Jenny was small, she was always picked at
by her mother...never good enough, fat, stupid..these are
common names she is called. The main difference from then
to noe being that I married Lee, and left her on her own to
defend herslef. You see, as a child, whenever her mother
would attck her for whatever random reason, her brother
would step in the way and battle it out with their mom so
that she could go find solice in a closet corner. Now, as
she has grown, she has gone from fat and stupid to fat and
stupid, and even a whore. Can you imagine your own mother
calling you these things? Of course she has issues! As I
told her, she is " A non fu&*#! up reaction to a fu&*#! up
situation". That said, for all of her issues she is a
great person who will do anything for anyone if at all
possible. Unfortunately she is incapable of seeing how
great of a person she is, and tends to get used a lot due
to her low amount of self esteem coupled with her strong
desire to avoid confrontation. Now you see, Orion is a
fixer of sorts. He spends all of his free time helping
others ( some of which he should set aside for fixing
himself if you ask me). Jenny and I became quick friends
once I married her brother. I was concerned for her, and
thought ( bad idea!lol) why not see if Orion can talk to
her and maybe work through some things with her? That is
how it all began...