nowhere kid

my hopeless life
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2004-01-25 18:37:03 (UTC)

life sux

my life sux so much. Everything has 2 go wrong in it. I
had a Bf and his old gf desides to come bak and he dumps
me. Now this wouldnt get 2 me so much if he wouldnt have
told me that he loved me. I knew he didnt and i didnt
wanna believe him but i did and now my heart has just been
broken. I thought i was still in deep liking of him even
after everything he did 2 me. Yea i kno pretty pathetic.
Then last nite i talked 2 him and he was so mean 2 me and
bin really self centered. So i really hope im over him. I
have 2 see him everyday and we desided 2 stay friends i
wanna c how long that will last. i wanna move out of my
moms house and move in w/ my dad but mom wont let me. She
is such a bitch and a overprotective and strict 1 at this.
Then i have my 8th grade graduation comin up and the ppl im
w/ r like my bothers and sisters and i dont wanna leave
them and i probably will barely ever c them cuz we all come
from dif places. My best friend rocks she is always there
4 me we r havin all these probs and we r helpin each other.
Also y does it seem that every1 has somebody cept me. this
entire thing sucks! I really hate myself!

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