taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2004-01-25 17:27:11 (UTC)

A commentary On recent events And other stuff

The following is perception as derived from me:

1) Belinda Stronach:
A desperate attempt by the right to bring in a "photogenic"
candidate in order to capitalize on the "dumb male" vote.
Now I must concieve that I know little of this woman
besides that she is the multi-millionaire CEO of an auto
something or other organization, she's right wing, is
against the decriminalization of marijuana, and is a
relative goddess in her feild, so I'm boardering on
ignorant, however the rumblings have already begun, "Well,
I'd vote for her because she's pretty hot!" Just
another example of the most effective yet incredibly sad
method for women to get significantly ahead in this
society and for organizations and projects to gain

2) The NEW Mars Rover:
This elaborate RC car is a great vehicle for emphasizing
the concept of wasted resources. I hope we find some more
nice rocks.

3) Matt drinking a mickey of tequilla in 13 minutes:
Funny at first and during, but less so afterwards. Luckily
we had a swiffer wet jet on had. Although it wasen't as fun
as the commercial says.

4) A third American Idol:
The prongs in the comb must be pretty far apart. Certain
things shouldn't be triqueled, reality shows are one of

5) George W Bush:
Still retarded.

6) Veronica:
Awesome, contrary to published reports. I can't say enough
about this rad geminite. Just don't fudge up the
classification of your status to her. Wrath shalt be

7) Capitalism:
Still the soruce of worldwide misery (and high infidelity
rates). Must be dethroned as the system of choice!

8) The Cast of the OC:
Marissa: Captain Idiot.
Ryan: You called it man, but you're also an idiot.
Seth: He's the man, but has lost a bit of the edge from the
recent ego inflation.
Anna: About to be the recipient of the shaft from one of
two angles.
Summer: Has posters of Seth in her room. Is dumb aswell.
Oliver: the antagonist with a diabolical grin.
Luke: Less meat-headed, but still very meat-headed.
Sandy: The Smartest fellow, #1.
Kiki: obvious implants.
Julia: You're daughter is really dumb and so are you.
Marissa's dad: White collar crime doesn't pay.
Kirsten's dad: Capitalist bastard. Idiot.

9) That I remarked on a fox program favourably:
A little eeire.

10) The trend afore mentioned in the last entry:
In doubt.

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