Brad`s Journal
2004-01-25 16:59:47 (UTC)

Dead Beat dad

Now Christin has this Nephew Austin. This kid is the
funniest kid and he can be the sweetest when he wants to
be. I feel sorry for Austin and Christin`s sister cause
Austins dad is a jackass. His dad has never paid a single
cent of Child support. You know I am talking about this so
i can vent. I can not stand guys who don`t pay child
support but they still get to see the child. As far as I am
conserned Austin`s dad is a dead beat dad. This guy won`t
tell anyone where he lives so he can get out of paying
child support. I just don`t think it`s fair that a sweet
and kind child like Austin has a father like he does. When
I have kids I want one to be just like Austin. He is one of
the greatest kids I have ever met he is so smart. Sure he
can be annoying at times. But what kid`s not? I know I was.
Infact some of the things Austin does reminds me of myself
when i was his age. All I can do is Hope and Pray that
Austin`s dad will pay!! Everyday I honestly Pray that
Austin`s dad gets pulled over by the cops. Cause in
Michigan you can get your licenese taken away and you are
forced to pay your child support and I believe you also do
jail time. One day He will get caught I hope it`s soon I
Pray for that to happen everyday and when it does it would
be one of the greatest day in Christin`s sister life.

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