Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2004-01-25 16:54:28 (UTC)

mah weekend alonez

so ya every1 left this weekend for some reason..i was like
the ultimate go home weekend and i was gonna but then im
like nah i got sooo much work to friday after
every1 left i started cleanin and shit...we have a full
legth ish mirror in our room on kellys door so i figured
id write out what i needed to do for the weekend...ya so
then i went to aerobic dance class and did my mile and a
half in 17 minutez was fukin hard but im workin
on ya i get bak to my room and was at my desk and
realized...fuk i wrote on the mirror wit a sharpie instead
of a dry erase cheryl came over to help me get
ring tones and here i am scrubbin the mirror like a crazee
woman and i made her help and she was good at gettin it
off so i made her do most of it ya then later on
we went wit laur to the union to get din din..or so we
thought..for some reason they closed at like 5?..ok so
then we decided to go to mickie d's which was kewl...came
bak and did some much needed luandry bonding time lol..i
had 4 loads it was ya the rest of my nite
consisted of laundry..american idol..and movies...saturday
i woke cheryl up at like 1245 and was like were goin to
the gym meet me outside my dorm at we went and it
wsa pretty nice cuz it wsnt crowded or we did
30 eliptical..8 laps on the track (run walk run
walk)..arms..15 minutes on da bike..legs..4 more laps on
da track..then like 200 sit ups/crunches..we were there
for a good 2 hours and i felt very accomplished...i went
bak to do my hw when cheryl tells me my parentals are
comin up to take us out to din was nice we went
to like the Peppe's place and i wasted my day at the gym goin today to make up for it...then i came home
and attempted a lil more hw but not much was
accomplished..all in all a expected sucky weekend turned
out to be pretty out