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2001-10-09 07:34:24 (UTC)

f*ck this....this is bullsh*t!!!

ash and i are in a f-ing fight right now.

she's mad cus she feels kasia and i are ditching her ...
like the way we did to candace before. she thinks we talk
about her behind her f-ing back.

she's mad cus i tell alex stuff that i chose not to tell
any of my friends. she's mad cus i promised alex i wouldnt
cut anymore, when i couldnt even promise to them that i
would try. she thinks alex is much more important to me
than they are because i make it seem like it. she's jealous
f-ing jealous of a guy freakin how many miles away from

she's mad cus nick knew about how i feel about hanging out
with just the four of them and she didnt. is it my fault he
was smart enough to actually figure it out to himself? i
never told him nothing. he figured it out. he figured out i
felt left out around ash and adrian. he figured out i would
much rather be with him and kasia. i wasnt even planning on
telling anyone about anything!!!

i dont f-ing need this now! i mean god! im way too f-ing
stressed already and she's f-ing pushing me way over to the

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