Brad`s Journal
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2004-01-25 16:45:10 (UTC)

I met an Angel

Well it’s been a Long time sense I updated this
journal. So here I am giving you an update. It has been a
very interesting 4 months since I last updated my Journal.
Well let me Say that I Have met someone. Her name is
Christin. She is the greatest person I have ever met. She
has all of the qualities that I have looked for in a woman.
She`s Smart, Sexy, Honest, Attractive, Sweet, Sensitive,
Loving, Caring and she has a great sense of humor. She
lives in Livonia Michigan. Which is an Hour away from where
I live but the drive is worth it. There have been times
when I have been tired and just dragging but knowing that
I`m going to get to see Christin gives me energy. The
funniest thing about us is the way that we met. I almost
ran her car off the road!!! I was on a special route for my
job. She was coming home or going to school. And in
Michigan they have these islands where you can do a u-turn
so I went to do a u-turn and I guess she was doing the same
in the other lane. I almost ran her over. So she called up
her sister Jennifer who works as dispatch for the same
company. Christin asked her Jennifer who almost ran her off
the road. Jenni Told her that it had to be me and said "
Don’t worry he’s from Ohio!" So when I got back to base
later on that day Jenni told me what had happened I felt
really bad. So then some how within the next few days
Jennifer took it upon herself to Give me Christin`s E-mail
address. So i gave Jenni mine to give to Christin. So we
talked online a few times then we went to talking on the
phone. I then asked Christin if she would like to hang out
sometime and She said "Sure". So we had set our first date
for That Friday December 5th. That whole week I was Scared
to death I was nervous as hell!! I was asking Jennfer what
should we do? Does she like this or does she like that? Her
sister just said to be yourself so I took that advice and
went on to meet Christin face to face for the first time.
Oh yeah I got lost or so I thought going to her house But
it turns out that I was headed in the right direction. But
that was a good icebreaker cause I called up Christin and
asked her where he house was. So when I finally found her
house she was standing on her front Porch and Honestly the
first thing that went through my head was. She is Very
pretty. Okay I lied the first thing that went through my
head was that she was hot! So I we hugged and said hello.
Then we went on our date. I could tell that Chistin was
nervous. I have no room to talk cause I was also nervous.
So we went out to eat at Red Robin and got to know each
other better and then we went out to see the Movie Elf.
That was a funny movie. May I mention that we got to the
movie theater about twenty to thirty minutes before the
movie was to start. So we sat in her car and talked getting
to know each other better. I think by the time we got to
the movie we were more comfortable with each other. After
the movie we Drove around for a while and talked some more.
Then we went back to her house and watched a movie and we
were both were falling asleep. She kept on saying I’m
sorry. It was so cute. So I got up enough guts to asked her
if I could give her a kiss. To my surprise she said yes! So
we kissed and that was the start of what now is a great
relationship. I cannot say enough about Christin. She is
the world to me I never want to loose her ever. I Love Her
with all of my heart. She is the best thing that has ever
happened to me. I know one thing. I am happy that I almost
ran her off the road. That is the best thing that I have
ever done. I`m just happy she was not to mad about it.
Christin is my pride, my joy, my Friend, My angel.. She has
touched a place in my heart that no one has ever touched. I
Love Her and I hope we Stay together forever!! I can say
this I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life
when I am with her. Now sure we live an hour apart. We can
work through that. That is just a small obstacle in our
relationship. But I Believe. Actually I KNOW that we can
and will make this relationship work.

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