2004-01-25 16:15:15 (UTC)

oh yeah

well hello again.... today is sudnay yippee and no i still
have not taken a test for those of u that r keeping up on
me about it!!! but honestly i dont think i am so lets
hope... dont worry ill take one soon enough!!!!!!! well
today we have another game :o)and my boyfriends family
might come but not him.... he doesnt like big crowds... but
thats a lie he can deal with big crowds he just doesnt want
to because its doing something for me... oh well i just
wont do what he wants anymore either that or ill cut him
off from sex until he goes and watches a game :o) maybe
then he'll go... but i dont care he can be an ass about it
all he wants :o) but anyways i have to go get ready to go
out to eat!!! me heather and cheri r suppose to be going
out to lunch in the near future but ve been watching home
videos with them.... kinda funny my boyfriend was a fat kid
lol he was sooo adorable lol well anyways im out