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2004-01-25 14:41:27 (UTC)

Confusion everywhere

So let me begin with this morning. Brent went out partying
with his friends at Adam's place last night. His friends
like Trey and Sean were there. I think they either hate me
or just find me to be a bother. Trey's girlfriend, Leona,
referred to me as Brent's old lady. What the fuck is that?
I have been so good to Brent for the past year and a half.
I've loved him and helped and supported him. His friends
don't even know about half the stuff I know about.
I have no friends. No one cares about me. No one is willing
to even call me and ask me to go to lunch with them.
There's nothing NOTHING!!! Delta Zeta is a great
opportunity for me to learn a lot about the professional
world. But I was also hoping to make some friends too.
Nothing works! Am I pushing people away? Am I just boring
and a loser? What have I done to get this kind of
treatment? It just isn't fair.