Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-01-25 14:33:43 (UTC)

saturday....and the cold.

hey ppl. went ice skating with Steph. had a TON of fun. it
was cool being back in those frigid temps. i miss the
cold. sometimes. i mean i like the fact that right now i
could go outside in the afternoon in a pair of short
shorts and a tshirt and not be cold. but i grew up around
snow. i lived in New York for 13 years of my life. thats a
LONG time in my books if not in everyone elses. and as
crappy as my hometown was or still is...i miss it. i lived
in the catskill mountains...upstate ny....but not as
upstate as albany. we were in the middle of albany
and 'the city' as we called it. bout 2 hrs from each, if
there was no traffic and you drove the speed limit. and
for those of you need a dif way to kno where i used to
live.....i lived 1/2 mile from the origional 'Woodstock'
site. lol. so my little hometown of Monticello was famous.
but i technically didnt live IN monticello. i was bout 30
min away from it in a mini town called white lake. there
were a bunch of little neighborhoods. there was white
lake, kanuanga (cant spell it right) lake, and smallwood.
(thats all i can member this early in the morning.) it was
cool. and i MISS IT!
scary thing was....i went to the same elementary (Duggan
Elementary) and the same middle school (Monticello Middle
School) and i was destined to go to the same high school
(Monticello High School) as MY MUM! lol. and in middle...i
my science teacher for a small amount of time there was
someone who WENT TO SCHOOL WITH MY MUM! lol Mr. Silverman.
he was a cool dude. but back then i couldnt handle
advanced science so they eventually switched me out. lol.
well thats enough for one day. gotta keep more for next :-P


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