Weird Chuck

Meeting Myself... For the First time.
2004-01-25 12:23:00 (UTC)

Long time, longer thoughts...

It has been truly a long time since I last wrote anything
in here.
I've always been pretty bad about writing in Journals so
no surprise really. At least I came back. Showed interest
A lot has gone on in my life. My Ex-girlfriend has finally
stalking me. It went on for three years after we broke up.
I didn't know I was worth that much time and effort! In a
way it's
kind of flattering, but at the same time it was REALLY

I don't get online as much anymore. I've lost some use for
it since
I don't RP online anymore. It was my major past time, but
like all
great gaming places online, the ones I utilized were
closed down.
It seems stupidity still lays claim on the internet.

I play an online game called Neopets. It's ok, but really
The only times I get on anymore is when I'm REALLY bored,
but with
Playstation boredom is hard to find. Plus I have a lot
the house to do these days.

I was working while I was gone. I got layed off in June
though, stupid
place called Data Dash. Trust me, if you ever get a chance
to work there
DON'T DO IT! You don't need to punish yourself that much.

I had one good thing come out of Data Dash, that being
three wonderful people.
They're Anrea, Dave, and Allie. They're spectacular. I use
to have
only loser friends, you know, the types that think the sun
rises and sets
on Pot and who don't really care anymore about your
personal preference,
they'll light up right in front of you and blow the smoke
in your face.
I don't really need friends like that. They were bringing
me and my intellect
down with them. So I moved up, got these three. Actually I
only worked with Andrea
at Data Dash, Dave's her hubby and Allie is their baby.
Heh, I'm not
related, but it still gives me a warm, mooshy feeling when
I get refered to
as 'Uncle Chuck' by the parents.

Let's see, what else is there to update on. Oh, I aced my
EMT class. So
I might not be liscenced, but I know how to save lives. I
didn't really
plan on becoming an EMT by profession, I just wanted the
knowledge it
bestowed upon me. I'm trying to get a State job, it's got
great pay and even
better benefits. Wish me luck on that one. And I'm still
single.... shit.

I went and read up on all the old posts I have on here...
whoa, I was pretty
fucked up on some of that stuff. I guess that when one
writes in the
moment the emotions can come flooding out even if they're
not expected.

So, I guess this is it, I'll keep writing in here when
something interesting
happens in my life. Perhaps I should get a life so that
can happen.

Either how, Adeu...